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  • In this version you are a college student, while in the Party version you are an aspiring fashion designer.
  • Nobel Michel is the only nation in the game that does not have an official emblem for its land.
  • There is an official Japanese Drama CD, based on this dating simulation game.
  • The protagonist in the GREE / PARTY version hails from Oriens. In the original version, it was never clearly stated about which country the protagonist came from; until Yakov's main story was released. The protagonist states that she is from Oriens on his route.
  • This is the second voltage game that a character's original name is change. The next game to change a character's name is its sequel Be My Princess 2.
  • This game has two different MCs. One is used for the original characters and another for a recent character, Yakov.
  • This is the second game to be released on a party platform.
  • This game is the first game from GREE to be transfer to the PARTY.
  • This game is also released in French as "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?"
  • The characters are designed by Itaru.