A romantic, royal love story!

You, a regular college student, run into a prince on a street corner. You then get invited to a party, where you encounter the princes of six kingdoms, and suddenly find yourself closer to royalty than you ever expected!

What will be the fate of a love between you and a future king who carries the fate of his country?

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

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Be My Princess is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You fall in love with a prince and establish an inter-class romance with royalty.

It is available on Android and iPhone.

Currently, there are seven main routes. Each character has three sequels, excluding Zain and multiple sub stories.

The game's sequel, Be My Princess 2, was released in 2014. The game is set fifty years after the events of Be My Princess.


Be My Princess for GREE

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You are currently an exchange student at Charles Kingdom and have helped out a noble elderly man, though you don't know it yet. Bumping into a prince at a flower shop he invites you to a party where all the princes will be attending, there your love story begins!

Introduction and Relationship Chart


The story begins while you are taking a stroll in Charles Kingdom as an exchange student there. As you walk you notice an elderly man had fallen and precede to help him. His personal butler then comes to his aid but before the elderly man leaves, he hands you his number and tells you to call him should you need any help.

You continue your stroll and it begins to rain, you find shelter in a flower shop. While looking at the flowers a man approaches you and compliments on your beauty, however you do not realize that this man is Prince Edward.

Then, behind the gentleman were several expensive looking cars that were speeding down the road and one of them almost splashed water onto the prince but that was avoided because you jumped in front of him to shield him. In order to apologize for getting you clothes wet, the prince invites you to the party being held at the grand castle of Nobel Michel.

There, you meet the six princes and the prince that is chosen will be your dance partner and your story begins.

The Characters

Main Characters

Wilfred A. Spencer

Wilfred is the Crown Prince of Philip Kingdom and the oldest prince in the game, aged 25. He comes from a strict and traditional royal family that has been in existence for one hundred years, and thus he has a great amount pressure and expectations. He is considered to be the cool and calm prince. In Be My Princess 2 he has since died.

Joshua Lieben

Joshua is the Crown Prince of Dres Van Kingdom, aged 24. He is awkward and by-the-book persona; this personality of his comes from his family that is built around rules and strict regulations. Although these rules have brought peace and prosperity to the land, the Joshua had grown up in solitude and spent a great majority of his time studying and reading from books.

Keith Alford

Keith is the Crown Prince of Liberty Kingdom, which is one of the more newly settled kingdoms. Keith is a prideful arrogant young man at the age of 22. He is very proud of his own nation and people but can be quite oblivious to his own rude behavior.

Roberto Button

Roberto is a fun-loving and most energetic prince and is the second oldest, also at age 25. He is the Crown Prince of Altaria Kingdom. This kingdom has little to no rules. For the most part, his route starts out as a friendship with you and it slowly builds towards romance.

Glenn J. Casiraghi

Glenn is the youngest of the princes, aged 18, and the Crown Prince of Oriens Kingdom. He is the type of person who is not honest with his feelings, likes to tease, and a bit short tempered. He is worried about his young age and does not like to be treated as a "child".

Edward Levaincois

Edward is the 23 year old Crown Prince of Charles Kingdom. He is the first prince you meet and is poetic, gentle and kind.


Zain is the 28 year-old butler of the Nobel Michel castle and was from a once-noble family. He is poised, graceful, and a calm individual but has a mysterious demeanor.

Yakov Chernenkov

Yakov is the Crown Prince of Sanct Sybil; his country is currently undergoing a unification with the surrounding lands, as many are threatening to overthrow the Chernenkovs.

Minor Characters

Main article: Be My Princess Minor Characters

Available Stories

Bold means that the character's route has yet to be translated.

  • Wilfred A. Spencer
  • Keith Alford
  • Roberto Button
  • Glenn J. Casiraghi
  • Joshua Lieben
  • Edward Levaincois
  • Zain
  • Yakov Chernenkov

  • Wilfred A. Spencer
  • Keith Alford
  • Roberto Button
  • Glenn J. Casiraghi
  • Joshua Lieben
  • Edward Levaincois
  • Zain

  • Wilfred A. Spencer
  • Keith Alford
  • Roberto Button
  • Glenn J. Casiraghi
  • Joshua Lieben
  • Edward Levaincois

  • Wilfred A. Spencer
  • Keith Alford
  • Roberto Button
  • Glenn J. Casiraghi
  • Joshua Lieben
  • Edward Levaincois

  • Another Prince's Wedding
  • Camp on a Remote Island
  • Prince Grand Prix
  • Wilfred VS Joshua
  • A Wine Party with Princes
  • Falling in Love with the Butler (Claude, Luke, Louis)
  • Falling in Love with the Butler (Alberto, Yu, Jan)
  • Wilfred's Special Set
  • The Alliance
  • Zain's Special Set
  • Lucky in Love
  • The Sweetest Gift
  • Our What If Story

  • Secret Spring Date
  • The June Bride
  • Private Summer with the Princes
  • A Sentimental Summer with the Butlers
  • A Secret Halloween for Two
  • A Royal Christmas
  • A Royal St. Valentine's Day
  • Your 1st White Day
  • Wilfred's Birthday Set
  • Edward's Birthday Set
  • A Trip to a Royal Anniversary Party
  • Joshua's Birthday Set
  • Roberto's Birthday Set
  • Glenn's Birthday Set
  • Keith's Birtday Set
  • An Unforgettable Christmas
  • A Timeless Christmas
  • Ambrosial Christmas Kisses


  • In this version you are a college student, while in the Party version you are an aspiring fashion designer.
  • Nobel Michel is the only nation in the game that does not have an official emblem for its land.
  • There is an official Japanese Drama CD, based on this dating simulation game.
  • The protagonist in the GREE / PARTY version hails from Oriens. In the original version, it was never clearly stated about which country the protagonist came from; until Yakov's main story was released. The protagonist states that she is from Oriens on his route.
  • This is the second voltage game that a character's original name is change. The next game to change a character's name is its sequel Be My Princess 2.
  • This game has two different MCs. One is used for the original characters and another for a recent character, Yakov.
  • This is the second game to be released on a party platform.
  • This game is the first game from GREE to be transfer to the PARTY.
  • This game is also released in French as "Seras-tu Ma Princesse?"
  • The characters are designed by Itaru
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