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Voltage should be proud!

Be With Me: Luke is a sub story from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.


What if you were his treasured wife?! Your newlywed life just begins when it happens... Now you can only meet him once a year!

Will you listen to a year of requests?


Being married to Luke is amazing as you enjoying your newlywed life. Luke is a normal doctor for once and you still work at Tres Spades as a VIP maid. However, now Luke must leave Japan to be a professor. Before he leaves, he give you a list of chores and have a blissful morning before departing. A year passes and it's time for Luke to come home, but you haven't seen him in the agreed spot so you get agitated and head to the penthouse to ask the guys. They've only received a letter and notice how you've grown strong since marrying Luke, annoyed with them you head back to the lobby and see Luke on the news. You rush to his spot and take him home, next morning as you take him to the airport for him to leave again when he hands you a passport and a ticket to London since he has already sold your house and he wants his Mrs. Foster close.




  • You and Luke have been married for a year
  • You guys moved to Japan for him to be a doctor in a normal hospital
  • Luke left you for year to be a professor at a university in London.
  • Since you've been separated, Luke hasn't eaten real food because it's not as good as your cooking.
  • This Sub story is apart of the 2016 Fan Choice Awards.
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