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Voltage should be proud!

Bitten by the Baddest Bidder Part 2 is a sub story from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.


Your the only sister in the church when it's overrun by vampires. However they have their sat on you, will you be able to handle them?


One night while you are doing your sisterly duties at the church, a group of hunters come in saying that they have seen vampires terrorizing the city and assume they're coming to the church next which happens. A fight between the hunters and vampires break out which you are caught in the crossfire until you lock eyes with your man and he saves you.


  • You end up becoming a vampire in every route.
  • Shuichi's revealed to be a vampire in Hikaru's route.
  • Even though you chose Ota, Eisuke is the one to drink your blood.
  • Luke wants to be a vampire so you and him may live together.
  • Being bitten by a vampire causing you to get aroused.
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