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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 15 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Keita Mitsuura

Not that I love every guy in this game, but this is the first one I've actually disliked... 

1. No movement.

A: "We've even got people from Addison Creative."

A: "No, it's not that."

2. Slightly towards provocative.

A: "I'm sorry."

B: "Are you serious about keeping this a secret?"

3. Towards heartfelt.

B: "Yeah, that was surprising."

A: Speak honest and frankly

4. Slightly towards heartfelt.

C: Praise the director.

A: "It's the middle of the day!"

5. Slightly towards provocative.

A: "He seems pretty busy."

B: Ask about his relationship with Kanako.

6. Slightly towards heartfelt.

A: Leave

C: Be honest.

7. No movement

C: Rich and creamy cocoa.

A: "The railway project is almost done?"

8. Slightly towards heartfelt

B: Ask something. I misclicked after typing in C.


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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 13 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Toma Kiriya

Picking my preferred answers.

1. Slightly towards provocative 

B: Give a quick nod.

B: "I don't care."

2. Slightly towards heartfelt

C: "I don't."

B: Add, "It's a compliment."

3.Slightly towards provocative 

A: "Not bad."

C: "That'd go perfectly with my drink..."

4. Slightly towards provocative 

A: "Secretly earnest."

C: "Did I ask for a lecture?"

5. No movement.

C: "It's not like I wanted this."

C: "If you'll give up the nickname."

6. No movement. 

A: Commercial Nut

A: "Was I drooling?"

7. Slightly towards provocative

C: "You mean YOU like that, right?"

A: "Why are you mad?"

8. Slightly towards provocative

A: "Who, exactly?"

C: "I'm not a masochist about it."

9. Towards provocative.

B: "That will only work on me."

C: "You're not serious."

10. Sligtly towards heartfe…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 12 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Jun Araki

1. No movement.

C: Turn right back around and leave

A: "Well, he is kind of handsome."

2. Slightly towards provocative

C: "I'm sure you got lots of time on your hands, right?"

B: "Let me meete with the client, and convince them."

3. Slightly towards heartfelt.

C: Inquire about Mr. Araki

A: Talk about the weather. 

4. Slightly towards provocative.

A: "You can be surprisingly nice sometimes."

A: "This is super embarrasing! Don't look!"

5. No movement.

A: "I'd be glad to."

C: Talk to Mr. Araki from my original seat.

6. Slightly towards provocative. 

B: Tell Rei to stop talking about me.

B: "You almost gave me the wrong idea."

7. Slightly towards provocative. 

A: "So I guess you owe me one."

C: "Look out. Here comes a kidnapper..."

8. Towards provocative. 

C: "Tell…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Natsume Asaoka

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Shunichiro Tachibana

1 Slightly towards heartfelt

C. "I'll do my best"

B. Stare at him back.

2. Towards Provocative

B: "You don't regret it?"

B: "I'll be careful"

3. No movement

C: "I'll work on a new idea."

C: "You live for your work."

4. Towards heartfelt

B: "I've never had brandy."

A: "Hi"

5. Slightly towards provocative

B. "I'll give it everything I got."

A: "You know that's not why"

6. Slightly towards heartfelt

C: Ask what Mr. Tachibana was like.

C: "I want to talk to you."

7. No Movement.

A: "I bet you say that to everyone."

C: "I want to make a commercial like that."

8. Slightly towards provocative 

A: "Are you not in the mood?"

C: "It has nothing to do with you."

9. No movement

B: Give him an update.

C: "It's cute."

10 Slightly towards heartfelt

A: "I'm sorry."

B: "You're sating …

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 April 2020

Note to self - Irresistible mistakes: Toshiaki Kijima

Of course I couldn't stop getting the Heartfelt Ending, so I had to turn to walkthroughs to get the provocative. 

After looking wrong once and getting the heartfelt I got annoyed because none of the walkthroughs give only answers leading to the ending I wanted, I got a little annoyed and decided to write down which way the answers made the needle go. If i stop being annoyed at how many times I went through the story to get the Provocative ending, I might use this to write a walkthrough

1 (Slightly?)Towards provocative

B: Signal with your eyes.

C: "It's your choice."

2 No movement

C: Honestly it's awkward.

B: "Dont mind me."

3 (Slightly) Towards Heartfelt

C: Ask Toshiaki

C: Don't engage him in chitchat.

4 Towards provocative

A: I think, "That isn't fai…

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Dchope87 Dchope87 21 August 2019

SCM mature Fanfiction

https://my.w.tt/NtSrKxH1hZ if you like Star Crossed Myth please feel free to follow me on Wattpad. I will be adding one short, mature fanfiction story every week for 12 weeks. Each week will be featuring a different god of the stars. Each week will lead up to a full length story featuring the KING. Witness for yourselves how the gods react when the King of the Heavens breaks one of the most sacred rules.

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LiliPop38 LiliPop38 22 June 2019

I do not understand something and I am begging for some help

To begin with I have to say that I am French, so if my writting is making your eyes bleeding I am sorry :)

I spent 2 years in Georgia, and I discoverded an amazing app in 2014 that was called "Be my Princess, Novel" the drawings were so beautiful, the music was so great and everything around too (so many stories, answer choices, several characters including Zain the buttler, different endings) I was so addicted that I unlocked every Prince and stories, sub stories, prequel ... I did the same with "Be my Princess 2, Novel" I thought naively that if you pay for something in an app it has to be on your phone forever...but i was wrong and i cannot stop asking me WHY ???

I came back in France, and few months ago (June 2019) I decided to take some…

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Shikishima Shikishima 9 April 2018

How many story's have you read?

I'm totally addicted to their storys ive spent so much time reading :'). I was curious if anyone has read as much as I.Ack and if you add of all the money ive spent im kinda a shamed.... but it was worth it all the tears of joy and sadness oof. I hope for many more stores to come. :)

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Littlesissy13 Littlesissy13 2 March 2018


Yukinojo's childhood is unknown but he went to the Ayakashi Gakuin and possibly met and befriended Miyabi, Chikage, Shinra, Kyoga, and Samon. He ventured to the human world as part of his pre-graduation training and fell in love with a human woman. Unfortunately, the yukibito were aganist it since he was a candidate for the clan head. Although it was difficult, he had to leave her for a while and was given a violet from his lover. He was able to convince the clan and when he went back for her, she'd grown older and married a human man.

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Seddiewarrior999 Seddiewarrior999 10 October 2017

Is it just me or is Yuiko a terrible friend?

Okay so maybe I will get a lot of hate for writing this but I don't care. I hate Yuiko. She sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong in EVERY route and in Go's route she gave the MC terrible advice. And i have no respect for a woman sleeping with a married guy. 

What do you guys think? Am I overthinking how terrible she is, or do you guys agree?

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TheMangaGoddess TheMangaGoddess 10 August 2017

List of Voltage Rules

So in the past week, there have been multiple game pages deleted. After going back and forth of emails between the FANDOM community and finally the copyright holder of Voltage. Voltage finally sent me a list of what they do not allow.

  • 1. CGs (which the posters of the Voltage wiki have largely complied with)
  • 2. BGMs or songs used in the game. (Especially if they are available for download.)
  • 3. Special Images that can be earned via in-app campaigns. (Early Bird Bonuses, etc.)
  • 4. Character voice clips.
  • 5. Gameplay videos.
  • 6. Screenshots of an entire story/route.

They also do not allow cropped images of the CGs for character icons, which is likely the reason why the pages had been deleted. Here's what the copyright holder quoted:

"We tend to be very s…

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 10 June 2017

The Tabview! For our game articles!

Hey guys,

As you all know, I've been trying to find the best way to showcase both the party and novel versions on the same page. And the struggle has been real (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

So I finally found it, it is called the tabview and I showcased it on My Forged Wedding. We will be using this, makes it easier. The thing is, we're gonna have to have a subpage for the novel version as well, i.e. My Forged Wedding/Novel. Then we'll put all of them in one page. I've also done some adjustments to the categories themselves.

Oh and, one more thing, if you want to edit the page, you actually have to edit it Novel and Party subpages, not the main one. Trust me, it'll be a hassle for just a bit but afterwards, it'll be worth it.

What I do want to know is if we should u…

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Høzumi Høzumi 27 April 2017

Character Icons

Okay, so this time I'm not making careless mistake anymore XD   

I wanted to share the images or character icons for the coming-soon-season2 of Liar ! 

The image sizes should be 190x190px.

Note: I'm not sure if these are the official translation for their names, but this is how i read their names in Japanese >W< (Oh, and i also got help translating with my Japanese friend, just to make sure XD)


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Høzumi Høzumi 20 February 2017

Makoto Morimachi

I can't wait for Makoto's PoV for Season 3, seriously, this cinnabun doesn't deserve to have that tragic incident experienced -.- 

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TiaReshade TiaReshade 5 September 2016

Check Out My Fanfictions!

  • 1 MY FANFICTIONS on external websites
  • 2 Writings Below
  • 3 In Your Arms Tonight
  • 4 My Forged Wedding 

I've always loved reading fanfictions on various Voltage characters, but somehow I come up short on looking for some of my favorites so I decided to write a couple myself. I decided to post my first two somewhat of a story to see if I should even continue, because my others are mostly drabbles. I've linked below my only two published stories thus far. You can respond on this site or the site of the of my publishing, either way I'll read it lol. 

I just recently started writing a fanfiction based on Koichi's route, but told in a different way in which the MC isn't so clueless or a pushover. If you wouldn't mind checking it out, it'd be great!

Also: It d…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 8 May 2016

Samurai Love Ballad

  • 1 Under Construction
    • 1.1 Overview
    • 1.2 Prologue
    • 1.3 The Characters
    • 1.4 Trivia

Samurai Love Ballad is a romance sim by Voltage inc. The story takes place in the Sengoku time period in ancient Japan. The characters are also based on famous warlords of the Sengoku period.

Set during the Sengoku period, dating from c. 1467 – c. 1603, you were just a waitress at your family restaurant, until one day when your little brother was to be taken away as a food tester to a leader of a certain clan. Wanting to protect your brother, you run away pretending to be male and end up joining one of the clans that are currently at war.

Coming soon...

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Takun Bobby Takun Bobby 17 April 2016

How do you get the GREE versions?

I heard you could get free versions of a Voltage Inc. app. How do you get it?

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 27 March 2016

How much do you know about Voltage Inc.?

I decided to create a quiz, just for fun, about how much you know about Voltage Inc. It's really challenging, but hopefully not necessarily intimidating. The last ten questions are meant to be mostly bonus questions, although I didn't directly mention it in the quiz.

Post a screenshot of the result, "There's an expert in the house" (or something really similar to that). It has to be from you! If you do that, I'll do anything related to Voltage Inc. from you~

Anything ranging from one-shots, to drabbles, to me starting the game that you really want me to play but am not, etcetera.

I had my friend go over it (she's also a big fan of Voltage Inc.), and she said while it was challenging, it's not impossible to get 100%. See if you can do it:

How m…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 9 March 2016

Personal inventory, the games and routes I've played.

I'm a lost cause, I've figured that much, but just for fun I thought I was going to look at the games I've got and the routes I've played... After a while it wasn't as much fun as it was terrifying....

  • 1 Be My Princess
    • 1.1 Keith
    • 1.2 Roberto
    • 1.3 Joshua
    • 1.4 Yakov
  • 2 Love Letter from Thief X
    • 2.1 Takuto
    • 2.2 Kenshi
    • 2.3 Hiro
    • 2.4 Riki
    • 2.5 Yuki
    • 2.6 Hyosuke
    • 2.7 Taiga
  • 3 Star-Crossed Myth
    • 3.1 Leon
    • 3.2 Scorpio
    • 3.3 Teorus
    • 3.4 Dui
    • 3.5 Huedhaut
    • 3.6 Ichthys
    • 3.7 Karno
    • 3.8 Zyglavis
  • 4 Scandal in the Spotlight
    • 4.1 Kyohei
    • 4.2 Iori
    • 4.3 Kota
    • 4.4 Nagito
    • 4.5 Takashi
    • 4.6 Ryo
  • 5 Enchanted in the Moonlight
    • 5.1 Miyabi
    • 5.2 Chikage
    • 5.3 Shinra
    • 5.4 Kyoga
    • 5.5 Yukinojo
    • 5.6 Samon
  • 6 Butler Until Midnight
    • 6.1 Yuma
    • 6.2 Aoi
    • 6.3 Tomoki
  • 7 My Forged Wedding
    • 7.1 Yamato
    • 7.2 Saeki
    • 7.3 Ren
    • 7.4 Takao
    • 7.5 Yuta
    • 7.6 Kunihiko
    • 7.7 Haruka
    • 7.8 Tamaki
  • 8 My Last First Kiss
    • 8.1 Ayato
    • 8.2 Ichiya
    • 8.3 Mak…

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 28 February 2016

Our Two Bedroom Story - Started!

I have finally started Our Two Bedroom Story. Well, I've been considering playing it for a while, but a lot of people seem to like this game and its storyline. I do agree, it is very interesting.

I was offered the first five chapters for free when I downloaded the app, so I decided to read Chiaki Yuasa first. Even though I'm not into sadistic and two-faced people like him, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself. The part where MC finds out that Chiaki has horrible handwriting was so cute!

Setting aside his sadistic streak, his story was absolutely engrossing. I couldn't put down my phone no matter how much I wanted to! I told myself that I'd only read one chapter, but instead I found myself reading all 5 chapters.

I had my doubts, but I just laugh …

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 25 February 2016

Snow White and the Seven Beasts - Who are you!?

Okay, this is bothering me. I can't place this minor character, and I refuse to believe that Voltage created a sprite for a character to appear in just this one sub story

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 21 February 2016

Did Anyone Notice?

Are my eyes seriously playing tricks on me, am I just imagining things? Or is it seriously, like... wow. Did anyone else notice this similarity between the CGs of Dui and Kai?

More coming soon...

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 15 February 2016

Scandal in the Spotlight - End Movie LYRICS

Well, if you purchase the Ending Set in Scandal in the Spotlight, you'll get a bonus content video which includes vocals in addition to the actual movie itself. The lyrics are in Japanese, but I have them in romaji form for each character, this is just for fun.

NOTE: These were done by rote.

It would be so cool to add them in the character articles...:

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 14 February 2016

Scandal in the Spotlight - Love Rivals (Profiles)

I don't know if these are going to be added to the character articles for Scandal in the Spotlight. The "Love Rivals" profiles are different from the Season 1 profiles, and this was done for My Wedding and 7 Rings.

Also, at this point, it would probably be a good idea to use tabbers within infoboxes. It keeps it more organized, but this is just a suggestion. Below are the profiles and In front of you... for Kyohei Rikudoh, Iori Enjo, Kota Igarashi, Nagito Aoshima, and Takashi Ninagawa.

Note: Ryo is coming soon, and thus has no available English profile.

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 13 February 2016

Samurai Love Ballad Party

Or the party version of Sakura Amidst Chaos if you like.

I'm not a massive fan of voltages party games, I want my stories when I want them, not 5 short episodes once a day(unless you're willing to spend an unreasonable amount of money...). To be honest, I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I might even forget what happend yesterday.

Unlike with Sakura Admidst Chaos, where I disliked the art(to my surprise since it's the same artist as BMP and BMP2, but then again I don't like the newest CGs from BMP2 that much either), I do like it in this game. 

And all that is written just because I wanted an excuse to upload this:

Why do I always go for the unemotional bad(apparently) guys first...?

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TheMangaGoddess TheMangaGoddess 12 February 2016

ASA: What Kind of Teacher Would the MC Be?

So since the game After School Affairs is being released overseas soon, I got very excited and started wondering what the MC teaches. I assume she's a regular teacher and not a teacher's aide or a student teacher, and that she doesn't teach a subject that changes depending on her love interest (that would be annoying).

On the relationship chart there's a math, Japanese history, physics, English, Japanese-language, and music teacher, so I'm thinking either social studies or home ec (maybe), something that would help nurture the students into the world after they graduate school and become independent.

What are y'alls thoughts?

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 12 February 2016

Adding Separate Party Game Articles

Hey guys, so, I've asked on the forum what you all think about adding a separate article game page for the party games.

So far, only one person has responded and she said she'd like to add it And so, I'm making a post to ask you guys the same question: Do you think giving Party games their own separate article pages would be a good idea?

Vote here:

A little note, there is acrtually already a Party game with its own separate page: Gossip Girl Party but it doesn't have any content, since we're still deciding.

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 6 February 2016

Note about the stuff I write... or something like that

Since I've created quite a few pages and written some summaries I just wanted to put it out there that I'm not a native English speaker(...writer!).

If there's anything wrong with my grammar or if I've phrased something wrong on a page or in an article I apologize and I do appreciate it if you correct it(...but I might get slightly embarrassed if it was a really silly mistake).

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 6 February 2016


Okay, just to get things clear: personality is not the same thing as relationships. I saw this happen a few times in character articles and would like to elaborate: personalities is how they act, while relationships is what connection they have with other people, be it romantic or just friendships.

Tomoki Matsuba is a good example. There was a part in the Personality heading in which stated that he has a complex relationship with his brother, Itsuki Matsuba. This doesn't really tell about how he acts as opposed to how he's connected to Itsuki.

There are wikis that do this, especially T.V. show and Anime wikis. They use a Relationships 2nd level heading for characters. So if we took Tomoki, it could be something like this:

Tomoki's and Itsuki'…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 24 January 2016

Character icons

Every image is supposed to be 200x200px.

So, anyway, this is how far I've gotten with the character icons. If you prefer other images please let me know.

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 15 January 2016

Tomoki Matsuba - Review

I'm a grammar cop, so I did find a few errors here and there. However, they wouldn't bother you one bit.

No glitches found; everything worked just fine :D

Well, sometimes I feel like Voltage is being a little too literal with their translations: when MC is given a command, she says, "Yes!" but I feel like, "Okay!" would be a better word. It flows better.

Although I was expecting more from his CGs, his story just "wow'ed" me right out the window. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop; it was that good... and normally strict people aren't my type, but Tomoki is probably going to be my foundation for me liking strict characters!

Also, if you're confused on his relationship chart where Tomoki to Itsuki, it says "Hate (but not really...)" (I didn't…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 14 January 2016

Purely for my own amusement!

A lot of times I screenshot things I find amusing while playing this games.

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 January 2016

Note to self: Ending images

I had some trouble finding ending images when I added some walkthroughs earlier. Collected the ones I found and uploaded the ones I couldn't find to this post so it's easier to find. Since I don't play "True Love Sweet Lies" I wasn't able to get the ending images for that.

  • 1 Star-Crossed Myth
    • 1.1 Blessed Ending
    • 1.2 Forbidden Ending
  • 2 Butler until Midnight
    • 2.1 Soothing Ending
    • 2.2 Seductive Ending
  • 3 My Wedding and 7 Rings
    • 3.1 Happy Ending
    • 3.2 Super Happy Ending
  • 4 My Last First Kiss
    • 4.1 Good Ending
    • 4.2 Happy Ending
  • 5 Scandal in the Spotlight
    • 5.1 Dramatic Love Ending
    • 5.2 Romantic Time Ending
  • 6 After School Affairs
    • 6.1 Amorous Ending
    • 6.2 Climatic Ending

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 29 December 2015

HTML colors for the voltage-inc Wikia

I don't know if this is useful or not but this is the HTML codes for the most frequently used colours on this Wikia.

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 21 December 2015


A suggestion for the layout on walktrough pages with more than one story.

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 18 December 2015

Pretty please, about categorizing photos!

First of, sorry if this is not my place to ask.

So I'm pretty much procrastinating the whole Christmas preparation thing, but I've gone through almost every one of the uncategorised photos now. There's about 150 left that isn't categorized and the reason is a) They are doubles of images that already exist on pages. b) They don't appear on any pages or posts. b) They are images on personal pages or blog posts. c) I have no idea what category to put on them.

And there were lots of images... I've gained about 2000 edits since I started, so I guess about 1000 images(I've added the fair use disclaimer on those who missed that as well).

So pretty please with a cherry on top. For my slightly OCDish brain. Lets try to keep the number of uncategor…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 14 December 2015

Love to Hate and Hate to Love: Koichi Natsukawa pt. 2

  • Game: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Character: Koichi Natsukawa
  • Route: Another Story
  • Episodes: 13
  • Endings: 2

Contain spoilers This is a summary of the sub story "Another Story", it's not a complete summary and I can't guarantee that it's completely chronological.

Seriously, Koichi is the most interesting character I've read in the Voltage universe. I hate the guy, but I love him at the same time. In all the other characters routes I despise him. The only route he's close to redeemable is at the end of Kippei's main story.

In Koichis main story I pretty much want to slap him every two second. On the other hand I wanted to slap the MC quite a few times in his story too.

I've read his epilogue, sequel and wedding sequel as well. To sum up that experience:

  • Epil…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 December 2015

Love to Love: Ritsu Moriyama

  • Game: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Character: Ritsu Moriyama
  • Route: Main Story
  • Episodes: 17
  • Endings: 2

Contain spoilers This is a summary of the Main Story, it's not a complete summary and I can't guarantee that it's completely chronological.

I can't explain it, I just love him. He's just so nice and conciderate. He takes care of you and cares for you genuinely.

He even leaves his feelings for you aside because he thinks you'll be happier with Koichi. It's first when he realize that you're not going to be happy he takes action.

I also love his personality, he isn't to much of the stereotypes you usually sees in this kind of games.

He's nice, but he's still sarcastic and straight forward. He cares about you without constantly teasing you.

Most of all he doesn…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 10 December 2015

Love to Love: Riku Morimachi

  • Game: My Last First Kiss
  • Character: Riku Morimachi

  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 Main Story
    • 1.2 His PoV
    • 1.3 It's a Date
    • 1.4 Stay the Night
  • 2 Why I Love to Love Him

Contain spoilers This is a summary of the story so far, it does not include everything that happens, and I can't guarantee that it's completely chronological.

I actually started this post with the title "Love to Hate and Hate to Love", but after writing this I couldn't find a single reason for me to dislike him. In the end I realised that it was actually my dislike for the MC that got to me in this story, not Riku. He's a good guy, he is nice to you and he genuinely loves you. He even respects you enough not to push you on your first night together, and when you are starting to get intimate he is genuinely co…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 8 December 2015

Love to Hate and Hate to Love: Koichi Natsukawa

  • Game: In Your Arms Tonight
  • Character: Koichi Natsukawa
  • Route: Main Story
  • Episodes: 17
  • Endings: 2

Contain spoilers This is a summary of the Main Story, it does not include everything that happens, and I can't guarantee that it's completely chronological.

Even if he acts like a jerk, he is a nice guy.

The fact that he owns up to the fact that he's been a jerk and that he actually tells you that he has no right to ask you to stay with him makes him a lot more likeable to me. In the end he even tells you that he would have left in the beginning if he were you.

He is actually changing, not just realizing that he loves you and don't want to lose you. Of course he does that too, or else it wouldn't be a story, but in a lot of stories the guy just tells yo…

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 7 December 2015

Linking Walkthroughs: Syntax Code

Please use this when linking walkthroughs to character pages. Consistency is important in this wikia especially when we're talking formatting:

  • this will result in:

Note: When I say "CODE ABOVE" (in the photo above), I meant the code you see on the top of this blog post. This is just to clear things up.

Thank you,


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StarNemesis StarNemesis 6 December 2015

Scandal in the Spotlight - Personalities

I feel as though the Scandal in the Spotlight's characters' personality section is too brief. I've elaborated on Kota Igarashi's personality and I feel like it should be more specific so others can gain more information and get to know them better.

A good way is to take key point of their personalities (that's already been done on all the characters) and use examples from the story. I'm not trying to say spoil the story; taking small moments wouldn't really count toward spoilers. So take just small examples from the story to back it up.

After all, a good analysis of the character requires not only the claim of how he acts, but evidence to support that he in fact does act that way. You can refer back to Kota's page if you want an example and/o…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 6 December 2015

Note to self - Available Stories

Easy access...

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StarNemesis StarNemesis 5 December 2015

An Idea On My Mind

My goal is to make improvements for the wikia and provide what others who are playing Voltage Inc.'s games an easier and more fun experience. It occurs to me that many people who play these romance simulations always seek walkthroughs.

I'm considering making a page for walkthroughs for the characters of Voltage games to ensure that people who rely on this wiki for information can get what they need. However it has also occurred to me that there are some people who are solely here to view CG's, read about the character's personality to get to know him and such.

That's when I came up with an idea to make a tab view in order to conceal the walkthrough content unless the user clicks on the tab for the walkthrough, while the other tab is revealed…

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AiluropodaMelanoleuca AiluropodaMelanoleuca 1 December 2015

Note to self - Sub Stories

Just making a quick way for me to get all the codes I use most when creating sub story pages.

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ByronWagner ByronWagner 11 November 2015

Re: sub story infobox template


I made a small change to the infobox template we use for sub stories, Template:SubStories/doc, regarding the Kanji and Romaji fields. 99.9% of the time, we don't know the Japanese translations of the sub story names so we typically leave that field blank or write "N/A" as a substitute. I added if variables to those fields so, while you're certainly welcome to include the Japanese translations if you know it, they aren't necessarily mandatory anymore and will not show up on the article if they're left blank. Look at this article for an example. I feel this change makes the infoboxes look a little neater and it's less of a hassle on the editors end. This change took effect the moment I clicked the "save" button and has already changed every…

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 10 November 2015

All Opinions Welcomed! To: Improve the Wikia

Hi guys, Jasmine here. Well, the blog title says it all: what would you like to see in the Wikia? I'd like to hear your ideas, to help make the wikia look great and more organized.

The wikia really needs an upgrade but alas, I am super bad with codes TTOTT

But anyway, back to the blog's agenda: tell me, what would you guys like to see - like background, ways things should be set up, your dislikes/likes, etc. Anything really, however "improvements" on the wikia by asking to add videos of any routes or free games WILL BE IGNORED - UPLOADING VIDEOS FROM VOLTAGE IS COPY RIGHT AND WILL RESULT IN ITS REMOVAL WHICH MEANS VOLTAGE WILL LOSE PROFIT WHICH MEANS NO GAMES FOR US, AND ABOUT FREE GAMES - WE'RE NOT VOLTAGE INC THEMSELVES, I honestly do not kno…

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Namishu Namishu 23 October 2015

Which old game you miss?

I'm interested about your thinkings so I'll just ask.

Which old/already stopped voltage game do you miss?

You see, voltage stopped updating many games and some of them were really good.

I miss Seduced in the sleepless city the most.

I enjoyed all stories and loved the charcters...

How about you guys?~

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WhiteJasmineFlower WhiteJasmineFlower 18 October 2015


Some of you might have noticed that there was page here where it had all of the CGs removed. They were removed by a wikia staff due to copyright. Despite there being a prominent disclaimer on the main page of the wikia, it appears that this is not enough. Therefore, I ask all of you to be aware that from now ALL CGS MUST INCLUDE A DISCLAIMER! THIS INCLUDES THE OLD ONES! In order to prevent removal of the CGs in the future.

Just like when you add categories onto the CGs, it'll be done through that edit page. Put: Licensing (in heading 2) and then put in

The syntax is:

and then publish it.

It should appear like this once that has been placed:

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