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Bound in Love: Ota is a sub story from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.


"Would you like to be the toy?
Or shall I be yours to play with?"


One morning while your getting ready for your shift, Ota comes home drunk and makes sweet love to you promising not to make you late for work, which is 30 minutes away. When you get to the penthouse and begin cleaning, you start doing what Ota tells you which makes you think you are truly submissive. That evening, you and Ota watch a movie and he puts his head on your shoulder which makes you grin at the same time Soryu walks in and says maybe your a little dominate. Thus confusing your more until Baba comes up with the perfect idea...




  • This story has two endings depending on the answer to the third question.
    • Dominate one
    • Submissive one
  • Ota is more into BDSM than the other bidders.
    • Hikaru says you have to be a masochist to put up with Ota.
  • Baba gives you the apron and collar to find out which one Ota is.
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