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Daichi Katsuragi
Daichi Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 桂木大地
Romaji Name Katsuragi Daichi
Game Debut My Sweet Bodyguard
Height 6'1"/185 cm
Weight 180 lbs/70 kg
Blood Type A
Specialty Marksmanship
Birthday October 25
Rank Chief Inspector
CV Katsuyuki Konishi (Love Mission, Love Scramble)

Hiroaki Hirata (Drama CD)

Daichi Katsuragi is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard.


Daichi was brought up in a wealthy class family and was raised as the heir to the family's company. However, he decided to become a bodyguard and is disowned by his father as a result. He used to live in the USA for college and dated Kate, but they broke up soon after.


Daichi has black hair and gray eyes. His skin is tanned, with his body full of scars due to injuries of becoming a bodyguard.


  • Bodyguard Attire: Coming soon...
  • Civilian Attire: Coming soon...
  • Formal Attire: Coming soon...

More coming soon...


Being the oldest out of all of his team members, Daichi is very well-respected by them as well as the police force. He is capable and very dependable. He is very polite, strict and responsible. He is sometimes always seen scolding his team members due to their outrageous behaviors.

Summary of Routes

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  • He is voted to be the most respected person by the bodyguards
  • From the Fanbook:
    • His favorite animal is a shiba inu.
    • His favorite ride is a camel.
    • His favorite food is fried rice.
    • His favorite season is the autumn.
    • He is currently into Android mobile phones.
    • His favorite quote is "Best of intentions".
    • He is second to none in shooting.
    • He would take a survival knife on a deserted island.
    • He would like to go to the observation deck of the Tokyo Tower.
    • His happiest moment is when he sees new products lined up at the home appliances department.
    • He wants a digital photo frame as a present from women.
    • He is charmed by women who are strong-willed despite the difficulty she is in.
    • He wants a woman to cook him omelette rice.
    • He used to be in the Baseball Club.
    • He used to want to be an FBI agent when he was a child.
    • He tries to not drink everyday.
    • He prefers women to wear clothes that are 'clean'.
    • His most prized possession is his handbook (might be the one the MC got him).
    • His morning routine is taking a morning shower.
    • His first love was Kate, during college.
    • His sleeping position is in a way so that he could easily attack his enemy if he is ambushed.
    • He used to be called "Dai" by Kate.
    • He would like to go to Angkor Watt in Cambodia.
    • He wants the MC to be careful as to not get lost.
    • His favorite drink is vodka.
    • He respects Okubo Toshimichi (a Japanese samurai) the most.
    • He thinks Subaru is the team member who likes weak girls.
    • He thinks Mizuki will become the most chauvinistic husband.
    • If he could time travel, he would like to go to the Warring States period to master his martial arts.