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Edward Levaincois
Edward Levaincois - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name エドワード ルヴァンソワ
Romaji Name Edowādo Ruvuansowa
Game Debut Be My Princess
Height 6'0"/182 cm
Status Crown Prince
Age 23
Butler Louis
Blood Type O
Birthday May 15
CV Daisuke Namikawa (Drama CD)

Kazuyuki Okitsu (Love Tiara, Love Scramble)

Crown Prince Edward Levaincois of Charles is a selectable prince from the game Be My Princess. He is the father of Queen Matilda and Royal Prince Maxmillion from Be My Princess 2 and is alive.


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Edward has white silverish hair, indigo eyes and pale skin.


  • Royal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Casual Attire: Coming soon...
  • Formal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Edward uses flowery language which makes some people think that he's exaggerating however he means what he says. He also smiles a lot and is gentle and kind. When he sets his mind to something he won't back down and if someone will attack you he will get mad and try his best do defend you. People sometimes question his sincerity because he's always nice and smiling, Keith also once called his smile a "fake smile".

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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  • Edward's name has an English and German origin. The English version means "wealthy guardian"; and the German originated name means "strong as a boar".
  • He owns a white horse named Arionne and is a professional equestrian
  • Roses appear to symbolize Edward one way or another - there is a rose garden at Charles palace, he is often seen with roses or petal rain made from roses, and he even makes tea blends with roses.
    • They call Edward the "Rose Prince" and his rose garden is like the garden from the book The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.
  • Edward is near sighted and often wears glasses when he is not on duty. In public, he wears prescription contact lenses.
  • Unlike the other princes on their main routes; Edward is swift to admit and establish a romantic relationship with you - as soon as the first few chapters of his main story.
  • Since Charles is analogous to France, Edward's surname 'Levaincois' possesses a French pronunciation. It is pronounced as 'Luh-vehn-qwah', respectively.