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Here is the general layout of game pages. Please see Be My Princess and Samurai Love Ballad for examples.


{{NoCGs}}{{Game Infobox}}

  • Overview (Heading 2)
  • Prologue (Heading 2)
  • The Characters (Heading 2)
    • Main Characters (Heading 3)
    • Minor characters (Heading 3)
  • Available Stories (Heading 2)
    • Season # (Heading 3)
      • Story Name (Heading 4)
  • Trivia (Heading 2)
  • Citations (Heading 2 and if applicable)

Note: There is no space between {{Game Infobox}} and Overview Section, it's just how bullets format texts.

Syntax Code

{{NoCGs}}{{Game Infobox
|title = Name of Game
|image = Image.png/.jpg
|kanji = 
|romaji = 
|literal english translation = Translate the game's Japanese name
|release date = Month XX, XXXX (JP)<br>Month XX, XXXX (ENG)
|videos = [https://www.youtube.com/ JP]
{{Template:Cquote|Quote from the game.
|20px|4 = Voltage's Official YouTube Channel, Story summary|width = 20px|size = 20px|quotewidth = 20px}}

[[File:(icon image).png|thumb|left|87px]]'''[Game Name]''' is a [theme/genre] game.

[[File:Game - Opening Movie Voltage|thumb|center|335 px]]
Brief summary of game.

Write out prologue.

==The Characters==
===Main Characters===
|text=Very brief description.}}

===Minor Characters===
{{Main|Game Minor Characters}}

==Available Stories==
===Season 1===
====Main Story====

====Season 1: Epilogue====

====Season 1: Sequel====

====Season 2: Main Story====

====Season 3: Main Story====

====Sub Stories====