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Glenn J. Casiraghi
Glenn J. Casiraghi - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name グレン J. カシラギ
Romaji Name Guren J. Kashiragi
Game Debut Be My Princess
Height 6' 0"/181cm
Status Crown Prince
Age 18
Butler Yu
Blood Type A
Birthday July 10
CV Takahiro Sakurai (Drama CD)

Kaito Ishikawa (Love Tiara, Love Scramble)

Crown Prince Glenn J. Casiraghi of Oriens is a selectable character from the game Be My Princess. He is alive and is Crown Prince Kuon J. Casiraghi's grandfather in Be My Princess 2.


Glenn is the heir to the Oriensian throne. He has a younger brother named Alan who is six years old.

In his main route, you struggle with your amnesia over your childhood with Glenn. You can't recall even meeting him when you were younger; yet you remember spending time with his butler, Yu, as a child.

As you continue to spend time at the Oriens palace, you slowly regain your memories of the past. You also draw a conclusion about your feelings for Glenn and Yu - you fall in love with Glenn and realize you see Yu as nothing more than a good friend.


Glenn has brown hair and a generally pale complexion. His skin sometimes looks beige, in certain CG images. He also has ambiguous light brown eyes; that may occasionally look either auburn or golden in his CG's.


  • Royal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Casual Attire: Coming soon...
  • Formal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...


Glenn is a little tsundere and gets easily embarrassed thus has a hard time being honest. Whenever he's honest he sounds mean but actually doesn't mean it like that. He gets quite jealous, like when you remember Yu but not him or even choose to spend more time with his brother. He also likes to pick on you and tease you though he cares for you a lot even when it takes him some time to admit it. Sometimes he might be more honest with you if you're completely honest with him and whenever you'll tease him or slightly act like a tsundere will bring out more passion in him.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming soon...


  • He, Alan and Yu have sprites and are visible in Kuon's route.
  • He is the only main character from Be my Princess who has a sprite.
  • In Be My Princess 2, Glenn is 68 years old.
  • Glenn's name is unisex. It is Scottish, Gaelic, Irish and Welsh - and it means "common" or "from the wooded valley".
  • When they were kids the MC gave him a sunflower pen and Glenn gave her a sunflower ring, to remember each other by.
  • For most of the chapters in Glenn's main story, the protagonist, Glenn and Yu are referred to as 'Boy A', 'Boy B' and 'Girl' in the flashbacks.
    • However, the last few chapters utilize their actual names. It is unknown, whether this is to make the reader deduce who the children are, for most of the main story - or if it is simply a mistake that has been overlooked.