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Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango.jpg
Kanji 花より男子~F4とファーストキス~
Romaji Hana Yori Dango ~F4 to Fāsutokisu~
English Boys Over Flowers ~First Kiss with F4~
Release Date July 3, 2015
Movie JP
You're the heroine! With app-original stories, now you can fall in love with the F4 ♪

You started going to a school for wealthy people: "Eitoku Academy". The wealthiest among them is a group of four boys called the "F4". When something unexpected happens, they declare war on you...

A destined confrontation because of a red slip begins!

Can you find true love with the F4?

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

HYD - JP Game Icon.png

Hana Yori Dango ~F4 to Fāsutokisu~ is an otome game created by Voltage Inc, which is based off the manga series by Yoko Kamio. After the death of your mother, you discover that you're the daughter of a millionaire and are sent to Eitoku Academy where you become a target of F4. It's currently only released in Japan.



「花より男子~F4とファーストキス~ 」OP

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The Characters

Tsukasa Domyouji

The leader of the group F4. He's hot-blooded and arrogant, and considers you a nuisance, just like any commoner. He thinks that money is what would make him the most happy, but his views soon change after meeting you.

Rui Hanazawa

He's known to be quiet and cool, but cares extremely for the members of F4 (whom have been his friends since middle school), his crush (Shizuka Todou), and you.

Akira Mimasaka

The most mature member of the F4 who often dates older women.

Soujiro Nijikado

The biggest player of the F4 and, perhaps, the most perverted of them all. He is incredibly interested in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, which is his family's business. He and Akira usually try to keep the peace within the group.

Takumi Kiritani

Your father's butler who's in charge of taking care of you.

Kodai Sawashiro

Your friend from your last school.

Minor Characters

Kyoya Shinomiya

Your millionaire father.

Tsukushi Makino

The main heroine from the manga series who befriends you.

Available Stories

Stories that are in bold have yet to be translated.

Coming soon...


  • This is the first game that Voltage created that's based off a manga series.
  • The series was made into a Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Indian drama, all possessing different titles and casts but the same plot.