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Hayate - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name ハヤテ
Romaji Name Hayate
Game Debut Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut
Height 5'10"/ 178 cm
Weight 160 lbs / 73 kg
Occupation Swordsman
Personality Arrogant, short-tempered & selfish
Bounty 10,000,000 G
Birthday August 16
CV Showtaro Morikubo

Hayate is a selectable pirate in the game Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut.


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Hayate has messy, dirty blond hair and green eyes.


  • Pirate Attire: Hayate wears a slightly long navy blue vest with its ends torn a little and a reddish pink sash around his waist and a brown belt sword holder, underneath is a collared, long-sleeved white shirt, it is slightly opened revealing part of his chest. He wears black pants and brown knee length boots.


He is often arrogant and simple-minded but under his rough exterior, he's caring.

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Summary of Routes

Maiden Voyage

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Love's Horizon

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Deeper Waters

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A Pirate’s Life for Me

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  • In the old English version, he was renamed Russell.
  • He has the same birthday as Toru Kurosawa from My Sweet Bodyguard.
  • He is 20 years old (22 in the second sequel) and his blood type is B. [1]


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