Welcome to the Rules Section for the Voltage-Inc Wiki. Thank you for joining this wiki and we hope that you will do your best in contributing. Please read these rules in order to familiarize yourselves on how this wiki operates.

Thank you for your time!

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Basic Rules

The Most Important Ones

  1. All information must pertain to Voltage Inc.
  2. Uploading any videos of routes is absolutely forbidden and will result in a warning. Should the user upload another route video after being warned, they will be blocked permanently. An expansion on this is listed at Terms and Usage page.
  3. Voltage has requested that we DO NOT post any CGs. That means, no CGs from any social apps (GREE/Party) OR novel apps (paid version). Please respect their decision and refrain from uploading them. If they are uploaded, the admins will delete them. By uploading the paid versions' CGs, we had received a warning from a staff due to violating copyright.
  4. Absolutely NO uploads of cropped CGs. These WILL BE REMOVED BY AN ADMIN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  5. The rules of this Wikia will change in accordance to Voltage's wishes as they are the sole provider of our beloved games; please understand that.
  6. Always ask for permission if you're using someone else's information (summaries, walkthroughs, etc.) from another source. If you are given permission to use their info, please be sure to cite it properly.
    • Don't know how to cite? Check out this article.

The General Ones

  1. Please be respectful to the other users! If there is a disagreement, please do your best to settle the matter civilly. The admins will intervene if the situation gets out of hand.
  2. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the admins or experienced members of the community. You can even comment below if you have any questions.
  3. Vandalism, profanity, and badge hunting are strictly forbidden. Vandalism will be taken care of immediately by blocking the user responsible for it, while profanity and badge hunting will result in warnings. Please do keep in mind that youngsters may come and visit the page!
  4. If there are no pages to be linked, DO NOT LINK THEM! Also, please only link the same item no more than three times per page. For example, if you are editing Chiaki Yuasa's character page, you will likely mention Kaoru Kirishima several times. However, you do not need to add the link to Kaoru's page every time his name is mentioned.
  5. Please use proper grammar and spelling. It is very important that our readers understand what we write!
    • Also, spell out the names of the games in both the articles and categories. Remember, not everyone will know what game you're talking about.
  6. If there are spoilers, mostly because it is from the Japanese version of which that has not been translated, put a spoiler banner at the top of the character's page. DO NOT put: Warning: Spoiler content. on any of the sections, or use the collapsible function.
  7. If an article has no need for certain information or a certain section, you do not have to add it. For example, the princes from Be My Princess 2 have family trees while the main characters from other games do not. Since there is no need for a family tree section for those characters, they do not require one in their articles.
  8. Do not put your own opinions in the articles, and try to be as neutral as possible when writing summaries. Remember, this wiki is for information and help! Opinions are for the comment section.
  9. When creating an article for either a character or game, be sure to include all the basic sections - even if you don't have the information to fill the section out. If you do not have the information for a certain section, simply write: Coming soon... under the heading. This will help other editors know that there is still information to be added.
    • Be sure to remove the Coming soon... when you've added something.
  10. Actual categories do not need to have other categories added to them; it only causes confusion. Please do not categorize the categories!
  11. In general, the articles should be written in second person. When writing about the main character, you should utilize the words "you" and "your" instead of saying "the MC." This gives the articles a personal feel to our readers.
    • Good: "You decide to walk to the store with Saeki and become flustered when he holds your hand."
    • Bad: "The MC decides to walk to the store with Saeki and becomes flustered when he holds her hand."
    • Note: The exception to this rule is when editing the Trivia section or MC's own page.
  12. Please try to edit in one go. In other words, if you are editing In Your Arms Tonight's game article and all sections needs to be edited, don't edit every section separately. This is to prevent unneeded spamming and makes it easier for the admins to check for changes.
  13. When writing summaries for any story, DO NOT write a word for word copy of the route. That is an infringement of copyright. Summaries should be written as if you are telling the story basics to someone who has not read it yet. And remember, always refrain from major spoilers!
    • Please read this for further clarification:
  14. Westernize all character names, even for the characters whose routes are still untranslated.
  15. In order to keep the Wikia clean, always check for duplicates before uploading a picture. Always categorize and properly name any pictures, as this helps prevent duplication as well.
    • If you have a better quality picture than the one currently uploaded on the wiki, replace it. Do not upload a new one! It's a hassle to delete duplicates, especially if you consider the amount of uploads this wiki receives.
      • If you don't know how to replace a picture, check out this article.
  16. Refrain from putting questionable information on an article unless you can provide a reliable source. Always cite your source!

Game Articles Layout

For a good example of a game article layout, please see Be My Princess 2. See the Game Info Example Page to get started.

In order to keep things organized, please follow this layout and fill in the correct information:

(title template will be first, then the quote template)

Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
English {{{Literal English Trans}}}
Release Date {{{release date}}}
Movie {{{YT LINK}}}
Insert the text of the quote here, without quotation marks.

Note: Regarding the audio format - be sure to give a disclaimer on the audio itself. The audio file will be in .ogg format.

Give small description of the game. The game's name must be spelled out and in bold. Also, include links for the Android and iPhone websites that will direct readers to where the game can be found.

Overview (in heading 2; do not bold)

put the opening video here
write a very brief summary of the whole game

Prologue (in heading 2; do not bold)

write out the prologue for the story.
Prologue Picture (heading 3; not bold)
add the prologue picture here in gallery form.

The Characters (in heading 2; do not bold; DO NOT BULLET LIST THE CHARACTERS)

Note: Do not add the MC here because it is obvious that she/you is/are the central character.
Main Characters (in heading 3; do not bold)
:::Notes::::::#For a good example, see: Love Letter from Thief X.::::::#The number of these green boxes will depend on the number of main characters; there should be one per character. :::::::#Be sure to put the full name of the character's article, but only use the first name for the viewable text.::::::::#The picture that will be used is up to you, however, if you are going to upload a picture, please make sure there isn't a duplicate of it. :::::::::#If there is an existing picture on the wikia, use it instead - again by putting the link in the image portion.:::::::::: Character's full name (in heading 4; not bold)
write a very brief description of the character...
Minor Characters (in heading 3; not bold)
Note: All minor characters will go on a separate article in accordance to their game. Their information and pictures will be added there. See Be My Princess 2 for a good example of this section and its minor characters' page.
Add the link to the minor characters' article here using this syntax:
 {{Template:Main|[game] Minor Characters}} 
And yes, there is no space.

Available Stories(in heading 2; not bold)

Use tabs! To see an example, go to My Forged Wedding, click "Edit" and then view the source page. You will then see

Trivia (in heading 2; not bold)

  • In bullet list form.

'''Citations''' (in heading 2; ''and if applicable'')


Character Articles Layout

For good examples, see Hayden A. Spencer and Kakeru Kamui. See the Character Info Example Page to get started.

Please follow this layout and fill out the appropriate information:

{{MainCharac Infobox}}Character's full name in bold and just a very small description of who and what they are and which game they come from.

Background (in Heading 2; Don't bold it in the final result! Same goes for the rest of the sections.)

A summary of who they are, where they come from and what to expect in their main routes.

Appearance (in Heading 2)

Description of the character's appearance, including eye and hair color. If the character has a unique aspect to their appearance (very pale skin, muscular build, very tall, ear piercings, etc.), that would go here as well.
Outfits (in Heading 3)
  • Outfit 1: [description]
  • Outfit 2: [description]
  • and so forth...

Personality (in heading 2)

Summary of Routes (in heading 2)

Notes: The summary cannot be a word-for-word transcription! Please write as if you are telling the story to someone who has not played a character's route. Keep it simple and try not to disclose too much of the story.
Main Story (in heading 3)
Write out a simple summary.
Sequel (in heading 3)
Write out a simple summary.
And so forth...

Trivia (in heading 2)

  • In bullet list form.

Citations (in heading 2; and if applicable)


Minor Characters Article Layout

For a good example, please see Be My Princess 2 Minor Characters.

Please follow this layout and fill out the appropriate information:

The minor characters of [game] are .... (a brief line describing the purpose of the minor character page goes here. For example, this is the description used on the Metro PD: Close to You Minor Character page: A list of supporting and antagonistic characters that appear in Metro PD: Close to You.).

General (in heading 2)

The characters that appear most often/at all times regardless of the route being played will be listed here.
Character's name (in heading 3)
Please put the character's background information, their connections, age (if applicable), personality, description of their attire, etc. Try your best to put the information in logical, concise paragraphs.
[add full picture of character (do not single out the character by cropping) in gallery format]
And so forth...

(Main Character's First Name)'s Route (in heading 2)

The characters that appear in this specific character's route will added here.
Character's name (in heading 3)
Please put the character's background information, their connections, age (if applicable), personality, a description of their attire, etc. Try your best to put the information in logical, concise paragraphs.
[add full picture of character (do not single out the character by cropping) in gallery format]
And so forth...

Trivia (in heading 2)

  • In bullet points.

Note: If you cannot screenshot a character by him/herself or if the character is always seen with someone else, then please use the whole picture and point out who is who. Note 2: For your safety, try your best tonot screenshot your name. Note 3: If there are characters that appear in certain routes and are they technically belong to a certain group, then create a section specifically for their kind.

Example: Butlers. They appear in the main characters' routes/sub stories but they also are part of/interact with their fellow butlers.

Sub Stories Article Layouts

See Sub Story Info Example Page to get started; for a good example, please see My Royal Wedding -A Forged Wedding Crossover-.

Please follow this layout and fill out the appropriate information:
{{SubStory Infobox}}<nowiki>'''Name of sub story''' is a sub story from the <nowiki>[[game]].

Overview (in heading 2)

Give a briefing of what to expect from the sub story. Try to not the description from the actual game itself. But if you haven't played it, then feel free to use the in-game description.
Note: If any editors have played the story, please change the overview to a description in your own words instead of keeping the game's description.

Summary (in heading 2)

An overall descriptive summary of the sub story.

CGs (in heading 2)

Input the CGs of the sub story in gallery format.

Related Situations (in heading 2; if applicable, which are usually for crossovers)

These are scenarios that occur in sub stories (and yes, some sub stories will have two of the same thing to make up the number of characters), and are recognized in the sub stories (for example, My Royal Wedding -A Forged Wedding Crossover-) as this usually occurs between crossovers.

Trivia (in heading 2; if applicable, sometimes they might always have trivia)

  • In bullet point format.
Mistakes (in heading 3; if applicable)
  • In bullet point format.


Refer to Walkthrough Info Example Page to help you get started, and refer to Tomoki Matsuba/Walkthrough and Iori Enjo/Walkthrough to view a good example of how walkthrough pages should be formatted.

Please follow this layout and fill out the appropriate information:

  • Character: (This should be the full name of the character and linked)
  • Game: (Also link the game title)
  • Episodes: (The number of episodes should be accessible via the game itself. Just view the character overview and seek the Main Story. The button to purchase the story should reveal how many episodes and endings there are. Please use the naming convention used by the game; for example, Star-Crossed Myth episodes are called "Stories," True Love Sweet Lies episodes are called "Cases," etc.
  • Endings: Do not leave this out! After all, while most games have two endings, there are some games, such as Be My Princess, that have three endings. We want readers to be aware of all possible endings.

Ending A (Heading 1)

Make this collapsible and let it start out as collapsed! In order to do this, you go into source editor and type:

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">
Note: make sure to put the ending name outside of the collapsible. This is meant to conceal only the choices (for users using desktop).

This should be in bullet point form! This will make things tidier. The chapter number should be a first level bullet point (in the source editor you put one asterisk [*]) and then the choices following that should be in second level bullet point form (in the source editor you put two asterisks [**]). The choices should be in order in which they appear in the game.

Please put down accurate choices! If you spot an error as you're using one of Voltage Inc. Wiki's walkthroughs, please feel free to change it.

Ending B (Heading 1) This should be in the same format as Ending A.

If there are multiple stories with choices (like Main Story, Sequel, and Sub Stories) then please use the tabber feature to help keep things neater. The 'Iori Enjo: Walkthrough' is a good example)

Make sure to put a Main Story tab, Sequel tab, and a Sub Stories tab. As for the sub stories, make tabs within the Sub Stories tab of the name of the story that corresponds to the walkthrough.

If you are confused, please refer to this blog post for more information and a visual example.

Another thing to note is linking walkthroughs on a character's page. Please refer to this blog post for more information and visual example of linking walkthroughs on a character's article page. (The example I used was Ichthys, but Yuma Akagi, Iori Enjo and Tomoki Matsuba all have walkthrough links on their page)

Party Articles

Coming soon...

Pictures & Categorizing



UPLOADING CGS IS NOW PROHIBITED. A warning has been issued by a Wikia staff due to this violation of copyrights, and therefore the wikia will no longer accept CGs. Therefore, DO NOT upload any CGs

Anyone who adds them will be given a warning, ignoring said warning will lead to a block.

Characters and Game Pages

The game/profile pictures must be rectangular and in landscape orientation. The characters' profile pictures must be the profile pictures from the actual game. If you cannot find a rectangular shaped game profile picture (usually the ones who have not been updated) then please upload the ones you can find.

Minor Characters

Make sure to use the complete picture (including the background, character, even the dialogue as it cannot be avoided). Name them with: what game they are from and their name. Example: A Knight's Devotion - Sally.jpg/png


  • Categories for minor characters' pictures must have:
    1. What game they're from and their name (applicable to only certain characters, like the butlers).
    2. And the category: Screen Shot (because that's what most of them are).
  • Categories for game articles must have:
    1. The category: Games.
    2. The game's name.
    3. The main characters of that game.
  • Categories for character articles must have:
    1. What game they are from (and only the game(s) the character(s) is/are selectable in)
    2. Their full name.
    3. Who they are (princes, demons, etc.).
    4. Their occupation.
    5. Month of birth date.
    6. Horoscope sign.
    • Note: do not put CG or MC.
  • Categories for sub stories must include:
    1. The name of the main game the sub story is derived from. If applicable: What games are involved in that sub story (the crossovers).
    2. The categories: Sub Stories, and [game's name] Sub Stories.
  • Categories for walkthroughs must have:
    1. (insert the game title) Walkthrough
    2. Character's name
    3. Game that they are from
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