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This How to... will demonstrate how to categorize pictures and pertains only to those who are utilizing the Classical Editor.

Step 1

Select the picture(s).

Click the picture's name (green bar) or "More Info".

Step 2

After clicking the picture's name (or "More Info", it will open this window:

It HAS to be in this window because if you scroll down you'll see the "Categorize" button.

Step 3

Scroll down, click the "Categorize" button and type in the category, be sure to press enter after each category. Once you have added all the necessary categories, press "Save".


1. If the picture's window looks like this:

Then it is incorrect.

2. To save time, especially when there are multiple pictures that need be categorized, open a new tab for each picture.

3. To remove a category after it's been published, return to the same screen as shown in the second step. Then, select "Edit", on the "Categories" section (on the right side), hover over the unnecessary categories and next to it there will be a trash can. Select it. Once you're done, click "Publish".