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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo ms

General Information
Kanji Name 佐東一護
Romaji Name Sato Ichigo
Game Debut Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
Height 5'10"
Weight 155 lbs
Skills Attitude problem
Personality Tease, lazy
Birthday January 5

Ichigo Sato is a selectable character from the game Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. Ichigo's younger and present self is voiced by Yuki Kaji in the CM version of the Movie.


Ichigo is a tsundere; always teasing you and making fun of you, but deep down he really cares for you. It turns out that he has a crush on you since you guys were kids and is very protective of you. Ichigo reluctantly helps out at his family's cake shop; saying that he hates sweets because seeing and smelling them everyday. His father is rather hard on him, while his mother is kind. He does not get along with his older brother, Togo.

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Ichigo has neck-length and layered chestnut brown hair and dark brown eyes. In 3 Years Later, his hair is cut shorter and neatly style. In 10 Years Later, his hair grows a little but still the same hairstyle.


  • Work Attire: In the first season, Ichigo wears a tannish yellow colored polo jacket with with a red tie. His bangs are pinned out of his face. In 3 years later, Ichigo is seen wearing a white chef's jacket with a green collar, a long green waist apron, black pants, with black shoes. His hair is also pinned out of his face.
  • School Attire: Ichigo wears a brown-tannish sweater with a white polo shirt underneath and he wears black pants. He also has his dark blue school bag.
  • Casual Attire: In the first season, Ichigo is seen wearing a dark greenish-teal hoodie with white stripes and a greenish grey blazer. He also wears three long necklaces. In 3 years later, Ichigo wears a dark blue blazer with a white t-shirt underneath. His also has two chain necklaces around his neck and he wears blue jeans with a black belt. In 10 years later, Ichigo wears a light blue denim jacket with a grey t-shirt underneath.


Ichigo can be very mean at times, but also sweet and loving at the same time. He worries about you because of the other guys are always getting too close to you, especially Rihito. He trusts Haruki to take care of you when he goes to Paris to train and become a patissier.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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3 Years Later

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Living with Him

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10 Years Later

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  • Ichigo is also well-favored by fans, ranking first in Voltage's April Ranking.
  • His name '一護' means "one, protect".
    • Ichigo is also Japanese for "strawberry".
  • He shares the same birthday as Iori Enjo.
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