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Johji Chakura
Johji ms.jpeg

General Information
Kanji Name 茶倉 譲二
Romaji Name Chakura Joji
Game Debut Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
Height 5'11"
Weight 163 lbs
Skills Talking about history
Personality History buff
Birthday May 1

Johji Chakura is a selectable character from the game Dreamy Days in West Tokyo.


Johji is the owner of the cafe Black Ship — where the guys hang out and where you live. It turns out that he met you ten years ago.

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He has wild, neck-length black hair that's slightly parted on his right, brown eyes, and a goatee. In 10 Years Later, his hair is thicker and smoother.


  • Working Attire: Johji wears a light pink polo shirt with a dark brown vest.
  • Casual Attire: In season one, Johji wears a brown sweater over a white polo shirt. In Three Years Later, Johji wears a black sweater over a white polo shirt. In Ten Years Later, Johji wears a plain grey polo shirt.
  • Sleepwear: Johji wears a blue, purple, black, brown plaid shirt and pants.


He is interested in history, and owns a lot of Japanese Historical books. He is over protective of you, always treating you as if you were his own daughter.

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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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3 Years Later

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The Proposal

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  • The name Johji means "defer, turnover, transfer, convey" (譲) (joh) and "two" (二) (ji).
  • Johji's surname Chakura means "tea" (茶) (cha) and "warehouse, storehouse, barn, treasury, granary, cellar, magazine, godown, depository, elevator, storage place, repository, supply shed, grain elevator, stockpile, arsenal" (倉) (kura).


  • He has the same birthday as Nathan from Pirates in Love.