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Kaiji Akizuki
Kaiji Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 秋月海司
Romaji Name Akizuki Kaiji
Game Debut My Sweet Bodyguard
Height 5'8"
Weight 168 lbs
Blood Type B
Specialty Judo
Birthday June 12
Rank Sergeant
CV Abe Daiki (Love Mission)

Tomokazu Sugita (Drama CD)

Kaiji Akizuki is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard.


Kaiji is your childhood friend, who is always playing with you. He has three older sisters whom are triplets. When he was young, his sisters would always dress him up as a girl, resulting in his hatred for chatty women. He often went out of the house to play with you because of this. Kaiji has been in love with you since you were kids, even proposing to you with a candy ring, but was rejected because you didn't like the flavor of the candy. His heart was then broken again when you moved due to the death of your mother.


Kaiji has blackish hair, dark gray-bluish eyes and a pale complexion.


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Summary of Routes

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  • From the Fanbook:
    • His favorite animal is a dog.
    • His favorite ride are cars.
    • His favorite food is salty musubi.
    • His favorite season is summer.
    • He is currently into historical novels.
    • His favorite quote is "Trust in my principles".
    • He is second to none in determination towards something.
    • He would take a pot to a deserted island.
    • His favorite place to go is the neighborhood park.
    • His happiest moment is when he takes a shower.
    • He wants a letter as a present from a woman.
    • When asked what he thought was charming in a woman, he answered "I believe it's you (the MC)".
    • He cannot stand older, talkative women because of his sisters.
    • He wants a woman to cook hamburger steak for him.
    • He used to be in the Judo Club.
    • He used to want to be a carpenter when he was a child.
    • He practices being polite everyday.
    • He likes it when women wear simple clothing.
    • His morning routine is muscle training.
    • His first love is the MC during elementary school.
    • His favorite sleeping position is lying on his back.
    • His childhood nickname is "big brother (aniki)".
    • He wants the MC to be careful as to not easily forget their memories they made together.
    • His favorite drink is sake.
    • He respects Katsuragi the most.
    • He thinks the only team member who likes weak girls is Sora.
    • He thinks Mizuki will be the most chauvinistic husband.
    • If he could time travel, he would travel to 20 years into the future.
  • He is really bad at card games.