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Kaseifu ★ Koi wa Keiyaku Kara
Kasei-fu ★ Koi wa Keiyaku Kara - Title.jpg
Kanji 家政婦★恋は契約から
Romaji Kaseifu ★ Koi wa Keiyaku Kara
English Houskeeper ★ Love is From a Contract
Release Date May 7, 2012
Movie N/A
You're an employee living in a large mansion; and you've become its housekeeper.

Alongside you living at the mansion - there are also some lodgers there, who get to live there for free. They are all rather mysterious guys, who belong in the household for certain circumstances.

You are issued numerous instructions from them - as they mercilessly demand task after task from you.

"Tonight, come to my room."

"You should wash my back."

.....In spite of being bound to a relationship via a contract, will your presence alter the bonds of the family there - whilst your own life has turned into a mess?

—Story summary, Voltage Official Website

Kaseifu ★ Koi wa Keiyaku Kara is an untranslated romance sim game from Voltage Inc.


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The Characters

Main Characters

Touya Kirihara

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Ataru Kirihara

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Iku Sakanoue

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Gakuto Suzuki

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Naotarou Yakumo

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Minor Characters

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Available Stories


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