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Leonardo - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name レオナルド
Romaji Name Reonarudo
Game Debut Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut
Height  ???
Weight  ???
Occupation Navy Captain
Personality Serious & intelligent
Bounty None
Birthday N/A

Leonardo is a selectable character in Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut. He's a captain in the Navy who chases down pirates.


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Leonardo has slightly messy, blueish black hair with swept bangs parted on his right, and wears black rimmed glasses over his slender grey eyes.


  • Navy Captain Attire: Coming soon...


As captain of the navy, Leonardo is serious about everything and has a strong sense of justice, and he will do whatever he can to see that out. He’s also kind, and he cares about doing the right thing. He loves cats, especially his cat Myumyu, and believes that cats can sense good in people.

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Summary of Routes

Maiden Voyage

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Deeper Waters

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  • He's the only bachelor in Pirates in Love who's name wasn't changed in the old English version.
    • He's also the only character that doesn't have a voice actor and never appears in any of the substories.