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Love 365: Find Your Story
Love 365 Find Your Story - Title
Kanji 100シーンの恋+ ぜんぶ恋愛! おとくにイッキ読み!
Romaji 100 Shīn no Koi+ Zenbu ren'ai! O Tokuni Ikki Yomi!
English 100 Scenes Love+ All-you Love! I read the Story Quickly!
Release Date June 1, 2017 (JP)
November 12, 2017 (ENG)
Movie JP
100シーンの恋 - Icon JP
Love 365: Find Your Story is an Otome game platform by Voltage Inc. comprising of all the standalone apps into one.

It is available on Google Play and iTunes.


This app compiles all of Voltage’s English-translated Japanese Visual Romance Apps’ characters and stories into one app. You can pay for an entire story just like former standalone apps using Coins as well as, sign up for a monthly subscription service (worth $8.99 USD). In addition, you may even pay for individual episodes at 100 Coins each.

Three new titles are available in the app at launch, Rose in the Embers, When Destiny Comes Knocking, Our Private Homeroom, Kings of Paradise, Masquerade Kiss, A World With (out) You, Romance MD: Always On Call and Destind: Mr. Almost Right. Along with three formerly released titles, Era of Samurai: Code of Love, After School Affairs and Love Letter from Thief X.

Other English paid apps are scheduled to be ported into Love 365: Find Your Story following the app's launch. Love 365: Find Your Story also includes a function that allows for all stories purchased in the standalone apps to be transferred to the reader app during the transfer period.

Voltage Romance Apps-Love 365 Find Your Story Opening

Voltage Romance Apps-Love 365 Find Your Story Opening

List of Voltage Games Included

Love 365 - Info

Love 365: Find Your Story Exclusive

Previously Standalone

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