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Kanji LOVE☆スクランブル
Romaji LOVE☆Sukuranburu
English LOVE☆Scramble
Release Date April 29, 2016 (JP)
Movie JP

「The hot guys are all scrambling for me!?」

The hot guys from Voltage are appearing in a puzzle game! Manipulate the puzzle and cooperate with them to regain peace to the world!

—Story summary, Voltage Official YT Channel


LOVE☆Scramble is the first puzzle game from Voltage Inc. and is currently only available in Japanese. This game features characters from various released Voltage games.





The handsome guys who usually live in the human world are now battling in a different world! In addition to original game-only costumes, there are also original stories from each characters!

Defeat monsters by clearing the puzzles with the main character to advance the main storyline. The stronger you are, the sweeter the story will be!

List of Voltage games included:


The story starts with an unknown man talking about how the world is corrupt and needs to be eliminated. To do so, there is a legend that says "The Seven Jewels" and a "Jewel of Maiko" are needed to complete this.

The scene changes to you walking home from work at night. You feel as if danger is lurking so you start to walk faster when suddenly a man dressed in black began appeared in front of you. The man, Will, seems to be talking to another man using a device that shows a holographic image of a man. Will tries to take you with him, but you refused and quickly ran away from him. With no other choice, Will summoned a monster to catch you. Unfortunately, you trip on a rock and fall down. As the monster was about to catch you, three men appeared and transformed into white uniforms to save you.

You wake up in what seems to be a hospital room. There, you meet Rabyi, a support monster working at Shields. Shields is an organization that is working directly under the King's order to maintain world peace. Rabyi explained that the man that tried to kidnap you was from Noir, a mysterious group that is seeking for the destruction of the world. Rabyi also explained that the three men who saved you are from the first corps of Shields. You are brought to an alternate world where Shields and Noir exists.The first chapter ends with Rabyi dragging you to meet the other members of Shields.

The Characters


First Corps: Specializing in short-ranged attacks. They are usually assigned with special missions, etc.

Akito ls.png
Yamato ls.png

Rokudoh ls.png

Noel ls.png
Keith ls.png

Yukimura ls.png

Second Corps: Specialiazing in long-ranged attacks. They usually engage in support battles with their cool judgement.

Joshua ls.png
Subaru ls.png

Soryu ls.png

Iori ls.png

Akechi ls.png

Third Corps: Specialiazing in information and technology. They usually plan the mission strategies as well as supporting the execution of the missions.

Roberto ls.png
Kouta ls.png

Masamune ls.png

Kojuro ls.png

Glenn ls.png

Fourth Corps: Specialiazing in undercover missions. Their main task is to infiltrate and collect information from the human world and enemy hideouts.

Mizuki ls.png
Yuzuki ls.png

Ota ls.png

Ieyasu ls.png

Fifth Corps: Specialiazing in rescue and science. They heal and rescue injured members and develop science and technology.

Edward ls.png
Kenshin ls.png

Satsuki ls.png

Special Forces: Specializing in assassinations and other dirty works. They are assigned with special missions that the general corps are unable to execute.

Oda ls.png

Saizo ls.png

Executives: They oversee the company and manages all the corps and units. They have the authority to negotiate directly with the royal family.


Hiroshi ls.png


Noir: A mysterious group that is plotting for the destruction of the world.

Will ls.png
Ryoichi ls.png

Ren ls.png

Eisuke ls.png
Ishigami ls.png

Goto ls.png

Ayumu ls.png


Katsuragi ls.png

Toshiie ls.png


Leon ls.png
Miyabi ls.png

Nomura ls.png

Kakeru ls.png
Haruhito ls.png

Shin ls.png

Haru ls.png
Okita ls.png

Sanosuke ls.png

Takuto ls.png