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Mizuki Fujisaki
Mizuki Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 藤咲瑞貴
Romaji Name Fujisaki Mizuki
Game Debut My Sweet Bodyguard
Height 5'8"
Weight 150 lbs
Blood Type AB
Specialty Good with animals
Birthday February 18
Rank Sergeant
CV Nobuhiko Okamoto (Love Mission)

Ryohei Kimura (Drama CD)

Mizuki Fujisaki is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard.


Mizuki used to be an idol ever since he was a child, but decided to quit after he found out that his parents are using him to get money.


Mizuki has messy brown hair with long bangs and brown eyes.


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Mizuki is the most mysterious out of the bunch. He is unpredictable, but is actually very sensitive inside. He is very good with animals, often talking to them and naming some of them.

Summary of Routes

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  • Mizuki is voted to be the most chauvinistic husband by the bodyguards.
  • Mizuki is is said to be very good at playing mahjong.
  • From the Fanbook:
    • His favorite animal (lately) is a dolphin
    • His favorite food is a pickled scallion
    • His favorite season is the autumn
    • He is currently into trying games in banquets
    • His favorite quote is "Accomplishments are a friend in need"
    • He is second to none in rock-paper-scissors
    • He would take his friends who love to catch bugs to a deserted island
    • His favorite place to go is the zoo
    • His happiest moment is when he walks under a beautiful moon
    • He wants candies or homemade cooking from women as a present
    • He wants a woman to give him a strawberry cake
    • He is charmed by women who makes wishes
    • He used to join the Swimming Club
    • He used to want to become a sparrow when he was a child
    • He always went to bed early and wake up early everyday
    • His most prized possession is Katsuragi's Team
    • His morning routine is to feed Noin (his dove)
    • His sleeping position is lying to his left side
    • His first love (might) be the MC
    • He would like to go to the mountains in Switzerland
    • He wants the MC to be careful of being marveled at by other boys
    • His favorite drink is doburoku (a traditional home-brew sake)
    • He respected Katsuragi the most
    • He thinks that everyone in the team likes weak girls except for him
    • He thinks Katsuragi is to be the most chauvinistic husband
    • If he could time travel, he would like to go to the cretaceous period
  • He is said to be amazing when it comes to card games, which is why the other bodyguards refer to him as "the devil (of cards)".