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Oliver Button
Oliver Button - Profile

General Information
Kanji Name オリバー バトン
Romaji Name Oribā Baton
Game Debut Be My Princess 2
Height 5'10"
Butler Werner
Age 29
Grandfather Roberto Button
Status Crown Prince
Birthday September 7


Crown Prince Oliver Button is a selectable character from the game Be My Princess 2.


Oliver is Roberto Button's grandson and the crown prince of the kingdom of Altaria. He is also childhood friends with his old nanny's daughter Sylia.

In Oliver's route you learn of this so called harem of his. Although, this harem you think of is not exactly what it seems to be - it is a safe haven for females of all ages who have been abused. Along the way, you must deal with keeping the true intentions of the "harem" a secret and the horrible accusations of Oliver's citizens because of it and the fact that Oliver has an incurable disease.

Family Tree


Oliver has short wavy auburn hair, dark red eyes and pale skin.


  • Royal Attire: Coming soon...
  • Civilian Attire: His civilian attire consist of a thin dark red sweater and low cut white shirt along with dark pants.
  • Formal Attire: His formal consist of a silver sparkly suit jacket, black pants, black and white checkered suit tie, and a red handkerchief.
  • Sleepwear: Coming soon...
  • Coat Attire:


Oliver is a happy and cheerful person. He is often seen with a smile but is serious about his duties. He prefers to carry his own burdens and does not want to involve anybody in it. Also by barely putting any effort to explain his actions he is often times misunderstood for it.

He is particularly protective of the people he cares for and is willing to comfort and support them in anyway he can.

And since he has an incurable disease that is slowly weakening him, he is capable of accepting his fate but is unaware that what he is doing can deeply hurt those who care for him.

When in pain, he hides it with a smile or jokes around and only the people who know him well can see that something is wrong.

Oliver is also a determined individual when he sets his goals and will work towards it even when he isn't feeling well. Also because of this he is more responsible than his grandfather but still many traits from him like being flirty, kind and to hide what they are feeling.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

Coming soon...


  • Oliver's name is derived from the French version that means "olive tree".