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Ryuzo Hatta
Ryuzo ms

General Information
Kanji Name 八田竜蔵
Romaji Name Hatta Ryuzo
Game Debut Dreamy Days in West Tokyo
Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs
Skills Taking care of children
Personality Natural leader, short temper
Birthday August 31

Ryuzo Hatta is a selectable character from the game Dreamy Days in West Tokyo. He's one of your childhood friends.


Ryuzo is the oldest and acts like the 'leader' of the group. He helps his dad, Ryuzaburo, run the local vegetable shop. He has two younger sisters, Rika and Rino, and a younger brother, Ryunoshin. Both of his parents are tough on him and they argue a lot, but they still are very close to each other.

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Ryuzo has light brown spiky hair that's swept back and brown eyes. In 3 Years, his hair is kept down but still a little spiky, and a shade darker brown, and grew his bangs that's parted on his left. In 10 Years, his hairstyle is the same, but a little more smoother, and his hair is back to light brown.


  • Casual Attire: In season 1, Ryuzo wears a gold and purple sports jacket with a plain white t-shirt underneath. In 3 years later, he is seen wearing a dark blue and white varsity jacket with a dark grey shirt underneath. In 10 years later, Ryuzo wears a teal cardigan with the same dark grey t-shirt in 3 years later underneath.
  • Working Attire: In season 1, Ryuzo wears his dark green shirt with a white bandana on his head. In 10 years later, he wears a grey formal suit with a white polo shirt underneath and a blue tie.
  • School Attire: Ryuzo wears a black school jacket with red inside. He also wears a dark green t-shirt underneath it.


He is brash, careless and oblivious to his surroundings; as seen in the prologue. For example, at the very beginning of his route he forgets your name. He is close to his parents and will feel guilty if he does not take care of them when they need him, for instance when he when biking with his friends while his mother collapsed one day. Family is very important to him, both his and your as he wants to meet your parents in his sequel route.

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Summary of Routes

Main Story

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3 Years Later

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Living with Him

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The Proposal

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  • Despite the fact that he is the most unpopular choice in Season 1, Ryuzo is shown to have more popularity during his college years.
  • He has the same birthday as Genji Higashiyama from In Your Arms Tonight.