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Sora Hirosue
Sora Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 広末そら
Romaji Name Hirosue Sora
Game Debut My Sweet Bodyguard
Height 5'7"
Weight 136 lbs
Blood Type O
Specialty Disguise
Birthday July 20
Rank Sergeant
CV Yuki Kaji (Love Mission)

Daisuke Kishio (Drama CD)

Sora Hirosue is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard.


Sora grew up in an orphanage.

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Sora has light brown hair, grayish eyes and pale skin.


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Sora is flirtatious, caring and very lovable. He is also popular with the women in the police force for his cuteness. He loves to hug the MC, but is often blocked by Katsuragi who continuously tries to lecture him about not touching the Prime Minister's daughter. Sora is a joker and the one who usually lights up the atmosphere in a room.

Summary of Routes

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  • He has the same birthday as Yamato Kougami from My Forged Wedding and My Wedding and 7 Rings.
  • From the Fanbook:
    • His favorite animal is the capybara.
    • His favorite ride is the bullet train.
    • His favorite food is fried chicken.
    • His favorite season is the summer.
    • He is currently into becoming a bento delivery boy.
    • His favorite quote is "Que sera sera".
    • He is second to none in disguises (as well as a cross dresser).
    • He would take a raft to a deserted island.
    • His favorite place to go is to the sea in Kamakura.
    • His happiest moment is when the MC is in a noisy drinking session.
    • He charmed by a woman's sleeping face.
    • He wants a woman to cook him fried noodles.
    • He used to be in the Swimming Club during its swimming trunks season.
    • He used to want to be a part of the Kamen Rider when he was a child.
    • He likes women who wear nice but casual clothing.
    • His most prized possession is a pair of gloves the MC got him.
    • His morning routine is to sleep again after waking up.
    • His first love was a kindergarten teacher.
    • He has random sleeping positions.
    • He used to be called "Sora-chan".
    • He would like to go gambling in Las Vegas.
    • His favorite drink is beer.
    • He respects Katsuragi the most.
    • He thinks his team member,Kaiji, likes weak girls.
    • He thinks Mizuki will become the most chauvinistic husband.
    • If he could time travel, he would want to travel into the future, more preferably the 3000s