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Subaru Ichiyanagi
Subaru Profile

General Information
Kanji Name 一柳昴
Romaji Name Ichiyanagi Subaru
Game Debut My Sweet Bodyguard
Height 5'9"
Weight 154 lbs
Blood Type A
Specialty Cooking
Birthday September 14
Rank Sergeant
CV Takashi Kondo (Love Mission, Love Scramble)

Ono Daisuke (Drama CD)

Subaru Ichiyanagi is one of the characters you can select in the game My Sweet Bodyguard.


Subaru Ichiyanagi was born on September 14 to the Superintendent of the Police Force and a mother of unknown status. He was raised in a very strict, high class environment where his abilities were constantly tested to the highest standards and improved upon. Suburu is considered very intelligent and capable, even graduating from Harvard University.


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Summary of Routes

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  • His mother's name is Sumire while his grandparent's name (from his father's side) are Kaede and Akio.
  • From the Fanbook:
    • His favorite animal is kungfu panda and okuma cat
    • His favorite ride is the yacht
    • His favorite food is well-made pasta cake
    • His favorite season is the spring because the cherry blossoms begin to bloom its best
    • He is currently into white peach cocktail
    • His favorite quote is "Wait for destiny to do everything humanly possible"
    • His is second to none in housework
    • He will take his GPS mobile phone on a deserted island
    • His favorite place to go is the Rainbow Bridge
    • His happiest moment is when a mission is accomplished
    • He wants an apron with a rabbit pattern on it from a woman
    • He prefers women who are brave
    • He wants to date someone who can cook Chikuzen boil (simmered chicken and vegetables)
    • He used to join the Kendo Club
    • When he was a child, he used to dream of becoming the Superintendent General of the MP (Metropolitan Police)
    • He likes women who wear feminime and business-like clothing
    • His most prized possession is his SP badge
    • His first love is with his music teacher in elementary school
    • His favorite sleeping position is putting a pillow (dakimakura) on his back
    • He used to be called "Susan"
    • He would like to go to France one day
    • He would like the MC to be careful of her attentive casual
    • His favorite drink is red wine
    • He respects Katsuragi the most
    • He thinks Katsuragi is the only one who likes weak girls
    • He thinks Mizuki is to be the most chauvinistic husband
    • If he could time travel, he would like to go and visit the Heian period