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Tatsuro Togoshi
Tatsuro Togoshi - Profile
General information
Kanji Name 戸越達郎
Romaji Name Togoshi Tatsuro
Height 5'10"
Weight 153 lbs
Age 25
Blood Type O
Day Job Detective
Birthday May 29
Often Says "Sorry, sorry!"
Weakness You, his childhood friend


Tatsuro Togoshi is a selectable character from the game Love Letter from Thief X.


Tatsuro is the older brother of your friend Ranko, and the three of you had been friends since childhood. He would later on become a detective for the police force and is on a mission to capture the Black Foxes.

You had a small crush on him when you were younger, but you believed that he had no interest. On the contrary, Tatsuro has been in love with you since you were children but never confessed his feelings.

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Tatsuro has short, light brown hair and pale brown eyes.


  • Work Attire: Tatsuro wears a navy blue suit, a white dress shirt, and a lavender tie with white and red stripes.
  • Civilian Attire: Tatsuro wears a white shirt and a grey cardigan.

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Tatsuro is a kind person and is very protective of the people he loves. Although he is a bit clumsy and oblivious he is actually very insightful and able to maneuver his way into enemy territory, while retrieving evidence and information.

Tatsuro is a bad cook, often burning things and has caused the kitchen to be lit on fire. This is the reason that Ranko kicks him out of the kitchen and does all the cooking.

Although it may not seem like it, Tatsuro greatly values justice and righteousness. As seen in Kenshi's route when he discovered that you were working with the Black Foxes, he severs his ties with you but not before making sure Kenshi will protect and love you from now on.

Summary of Routes

Main Story

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  • Although he tries to get along with them, dogs just aren't very fond of Tatsuro, often hurting his feelings.