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Voltage Inc. Wikia is dedicated to the romance sim games as well as other genres created by Voltage Inc. These are Japanese romance sim games that have been translated into English for overseas fans. It features handsome selectable male characters, with different personalities, background, and quirks as well as many minor characters that give the stories a sense of realism. The games have selectable options that will determine your ending with your favorite characters. What will your ending be?

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Published Games

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Oops, I Said Yes?! is an upcoming game and its premise is about a sudden marriage.

DS - Game Icon.png
Dangerous Seduction
LUTT Game Icon.png
Liar! Uncover the Truth
EOSCOL - Game Icon.png
Era of Samurai: Code of Love
BBDIB - Game Icon.png
Bad Boys Do It Better!
ASA - Game Icon.png
After School Affairs
BUM - Game Icon.png
butler until midnight
Taishō Roman, Unmei no Hito - Title.png
rose in the embers
MLFK - Game Icon.png
my last first kiss
KMOCH - Game Icon.png
kiss me on clover hill
SAC - Game Icon.png
sakura amidst chaos
MW7R - Game Icon.png
my wedding and 7 rings
SITS - Game Icon.png
Scandal in the Spotlight
SCM - Game Icon.png
star crossed myth
Welcome Back, My Favorite Person Icon - Game JP.png
love brings you home
HLITF - Game Icon.png
her love in the force
TLSL - Game Icon.png
true love sweet lies
FILA - Game Icon.png
finally, in love again
FLD - Game Icon.png
first love diaries
EITM - Game Icon.png
Enchanted in the Moonlight
BMP - Game Icon.png
be my princess
BMP2 - Game Icon.png
be my princess 2
MPD - Game Icon.png
metro pd: close to you
SND - Game Icon.png
serendipity next door
KBTBB - Game Icon.png
kissed by the baddest bidder
CTC - Game Icon.png
class trip crush
先生と秘密の同居中 - Title.jpg
our private homeroom
OTBS - Game Icon.png
our two bedroom story
KOR - Game Icon.png
kiss of revenge
10DWMD - Game Icon.png
10 days with my devil
DDIWT - Game Icon.png
dreamy days in west tokyo
OS - Game Icon.png
office secrets
AKD - Game Icon.png
a knight's devotion
MSB - Game Icon.png
my sweet bodyguard
LLFTX - Game Icon.png
love letter from thief x
When Destiny Comes Knocking - Title.png
when destiny comes knocking
IYAT - Game Icon.png
in your arms tonight
IYAT S2 - JP Game Icon.png
in your arms tonight 2
SITSC - Game Icon.png
seduced in the sleepless city
MFW - Game Icon.png
my forged wedding
PIL - Game Icon.png
pirates in love
Koibito wa Dōkyonin - Life with My Sweet Hearts - JP Game Icon.png
diary of a step-sister
CD - JP Game Icon.png
celebrity darling
About the Wiki


  • All of the English releases of Voltage Inc.'s games are made for the iOS and Android. These will only be applicable to a mobile device; it will not work for iPads.
  • The application, prologue and the first chapter for all characters is free. Occasionally 3 chapters and sometimes even 7 chapters for one character may be for free as well.
  • Each character's route costs $3.99 USD/CAD.
  • The games also have epilogues, sequels, and spin-offs of varying prices. The epilogues cost $1.99 USD/CAD while the sequels cost $3.99 USD/CAD. Sub Stories will either be $1.99 or $2.99 USD/CAD, depending on chapters, endings, images, and characters included. However, they will- at a few stories- cost $3.99 USD/CAD. The cheapest sub story is $0.99USD/CAD and the most expensive is $7.99 USD/CAD.
  • The GREE/Party versions of Be My Princess, Celebrity Darling, and My Sweet Bodyguard are of the "free-to-play" model. The player is able to read five short "chapters" a day as well as play events and interact with friends via a social media element. Paying for in-game currency allows the player to read more chapters and access better items in the social media portions of the games.
  • Main stories outside the GREE games range from 13-17 chapters. Each chapter is about 10-15 minutes long.
  • Sequels tend towards 8-12 chapters This, like the main story, will come with two endings as well, depending on which choices you make
  • Epilogues and spin-offs range from 2-6 chapters. These don't take very long to read and are usually more light-hearted compared to the Main Stories.
  • Updates are frequent and spread across all the games. Updates usually coming to Android users a day ahead of the iOS release.


This wikia is unofficial, we are in no way, working under Voltage Inc. nor are we Voltage Inc. We do not own anything; all rights go to Voltage Inc.

Voltage USA Entertainment Inc.

Voltage USA Entertainment Inc., which was founded in May 2012, is the subsidiary of Voltage Inc. It is garnered towards the US audience with the same goals - producing romance games. However, they are different in terms of art style and storytelling, usually taking place in American states and using names that are English rather than Japanese. A fan-made wiki has been created dedicated to Voltage USA: Voltage USA wikia.(read more...)