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Zain - Profile

General Information
Katakana Name ゼン
Romaji Name Zen
Game Debut Be My Princess
Height 5'11"
Status Personal butler to Nobel Michel XIII
Age 28
Current Personal Master Nobel Michel XIII
Blood Type  ?
Birthday May 30

Zain is the head steward of Nobel Michel Castle and a selectable character from the game Be My Princess.

Unlike the main stories for the princes, Zain's main story is divided into three sections - on the other hand, it has the same number of chapters; as any other main story in the game.


Zain was originally from a noble family but after the death of his parents he became an orphan and Nobel Michel took him in and made him his steward.

In his route, you are invited to stay at Nobel Michel Castle to study. While there you become closer to Zain and his mysterious side slowly becomes unraveled before you.

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Zain has slick black hair, bright, jade green eyes and fair skin.


  • Butler Attire: He wears a plain and buttonless white dress shirt; a basic dark grey blazer; long grey formal pants, secured by a brown belt and black dress shoes.


Zain is dedicated to his work as a butler and is elegant and efficient in his own way. He's also kind though he keeps his distance to you because of his position which makes it hard to get closer to him. Sometimes he will open up to you but in the next moment he returns to his butler role. 

While he may not look like it, Zain has a big appetite. In the Party Version of Be My Princess during his birthday celebration with everyone, you had baked a cake for his birthday party - he ate it all.


  • Zain is the only butler to have a full main story, epilogue and sequel.
  • Zain's name is Arabic and it means "beautiful".
    • This name is the male version, the female version is "Zainah".
  • In the PARTY version of the game, it is revealed that his full name is Zain Tolstoy. He is the Crown Prince of Sanctis, and his mother hails froms Oriens
  • Zain's grandson, Zain III, is present in Be My Princess 2 and looks identical to him, except he wears a different butler suit.
  • In his profile picture, he has light blue eyes, but in his CGs there are green.